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Itinerary for Karttika Parikrama 2020
October 26th – Nov 14th 2020
(This itinerary may vary slightly during trip)

Day 1: Mayapur Candrodaya Mandir
Day 2: Yoga-pitha, Srivasa-angam
Day 3: Godrumadvip, Bhaktivinod Thakura’s residence
Day 4: Govardhana Puja
Day 5: Chaitanya Math
Day 6: Navadvipa, Jagannatha dasa Babaji’s Bhajana Kutir
Day 7: Srila Prabhpada’s Disappearance Day
Day 8: Jagannatha Mandira
Day 9: Leave for train to Puri in the afternoon

Day 10: Day of rest. Jagannath Mandir in the evening.
Day 11: Gopastami, Gambhira, Siddha Bhakula
Day 12: Jagannatha-Ballabha Gardens, Gundica, Indradyumna Sarovara
Day 13: Tota-Gopinatha, Cakata-parvata, Hari dasa Thakura’s Samadhi
Day 14: Ekadasi, Travel to Bhubaneswar then fly to Delhi. Travel by taxi to Vrndavana to reach there in the evening.

Day 15: Vrndavana internal Parikrama
Day 16: Radha Kunda
Day 17: Govardhan Parikrama
Day 18: Varsana
Day 19: Vrndavana external Parikrama


  • Tour fee : $500
  • Flight from Kolkatta to Bhubaneshwar : $200
  • Plane from Bhubaneswar to Delhi : $150

Total : A$ 690/-
(This is paid upfront to confirm your seat in the tour)

Other Expenses
(Carry these amounts with you for use while on ground)

  • Allow approx. $250 for other internal travel.
  • Allow $8-12 per night for accommodation
  • Allow approx. AUD$ 250 for incidentals

*Prices are in Australian dollars and may vary slightly.

Please Note:

  1. The tour begins on the 26th of October in Mayapura.
  2. It is up to the individual to organize their own international flights & transport to Mayapura. If you would like to travel with us internationally, and then from Kolkata to Mayapur, please contact us.
  3. We organize all accommodation, transport in India and other bookings related to the tour.
  4. Please ensure that you have a passport with a valid Indian visa.