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Christian Wild

A journey deep into the spiritual heart of India. With few expectations I agreed to join the intimate group headed for the most sacred places on the planet. Gently guided by Keshava’s experience and knowledge we travelled not across places as most do but right into them, coming out the other side filled with wonder and reverence.
Where the great saints and sages had been we also went. Where the Supreme Lord had been, and continues to be, we were also. This was not some dry academic trip through historical relics. This was an exciting adventure through alive, dynamic places. Even more than this was that it was a journey deep into Divine Loving Relationship.
Keshava’s seamless planning and organisation ensured that the tour was free of stress or worry. His wonderful devotional insights kept a focus on the real Divine purpose of the tour. Keshava’s tour is an incredible opportunity to enrich one’s life on so many levels. I am so glad to have enjoyed this life changing experience.
Now that I’ve been on Keshava’s tour I’ll have to go again. Yes, it was that good.

Krishna Keli

I traveled to Mayapur and Vrindavan with Keshava Prabhu and Veda Priya Mataji in Nov-Dec 2012. I am still very much impressed of how everything was so well organized and I will cherish this tour forever. Veda Priya prepared me for the trip 6 months before by suggesting some reading that I could do in order to get the most benefit of visiting the Holy dham. They took care of arranging everything for me: air tickets, accommodations & taxi. I felt perfectly safe traveling with them as they are so helpful and friendly. The best moments were when we were going on parikranam, where Keshava Prabhu would narrate us the different pastimes that took place at particular location. I highly recommend everybody to do this tour with them specially for the first time in the Holy Dham. Thank you again Keshava Prabhu and Veda Priya!


Going on a parikrama with Keshava prabhu is absolutely fascinating. His deep insights into the spiritual significance of each location whether it be a well, a house, a pond or a hill makes you want to purify one’s existence right away. As they say – you can only see the dham (spiritual place) through one’s ears. There is nothing like a devotee sharing their knowledge with you.


Being my first time visiting India, i was feeling somewhat unsure of what to expect as i had heard many different stories. However, traveling with Keshava and Veda Priya on Krsnas Tour of India in 2011, my experience was such a positive one which i will never forget. I was so grateful to have all my accommodation and transportation arranged for me. I was also always very comfortable and secure due to their friendly association, which meant so much to me as i normally do not physically travel very well. Their deep connection and knowledge on the holy places we visited was the highlight of the tour. As having significance of each place explained to in detail enable my tour to not just be holiday, but it became a holy pilgrimage that i could explore and experience. Even now after doing this tour i am able to meditate on the mood of the dhams and my own connection with them which always increases my desire to return.